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BBQs & Fire Pits

We have about 20 sites with cooking fire pit grills and have 6 for rent. Firewood is available after hours on an honor system. Please follow instructions below:

Firewood is not to be transported in Florida. Please check out https://www.dontmovefirewood.org/map/florida for more details. You can purchase firewood at the A’Lure Boutique gift store.

Fire Pit etiquette

• Don’t use grate on fire unless you’re cooking.
• Keep poker, shovel, grate on the post when not in use.
• Keep grate seasoned.
• Always cover fire pit when not in use with the Large Round Cover.
• Do not remove this fire pit to another site.
• It can be relocated on this site for use but not removed.
• Never leave wet ashes in a fire pit. It turns to lye and ruins steel.
• Empty ashes when they cool off into bucket.
• Empty bucket into large metal can by the dumpster.
• Never put ashes into the dumpster and especially hot ashes.
• It’s OK to use charcoal in pit.
• For cooking with iron skillet, let wood coals burn down without flame.
• A hot mitt is not provided.
• Remember that the pit and implements can get very hot and can burn you. Please warn children to stay clear.
• Enjoy!

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