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Utilities & Cable TV Channels

Guidelines concerning use of Water, Sewer, Cable, Wifi, Electricity while staying at TLC Resort are included below along with a listing of available Cable TV Channels.


Keep some water in your tank in case of temporary water outages. Due to water restrictions auto & RV washing is not permitted. Remember that it is a priveldge to have abundant high quality water so please help us conserve it. Hydrants are freeze-free, however hoses are not so please close valve and disconnect if there is a freeze warning.


‘Screw-in’ type connections are required on sewer hoses. We are on a septic system with pumps, therefore, PLEASE No “Wipes” of any kind are to be put in sewer. Never put used oil or grease down the drain. Please cap the sewer when not in use. Never drain “Grey Water” on the ground. There is not a “Dump Station” so remember to drain at your site.


If your cable is not working properly as soon as you hook it up try the following:

1. Check the switch, Use ‘Satellite’ (We have DirectTV cable/satellite to air antenna)
2. ‘Auto program’ all channels
3. Be sure coax cable is hooked tightly (Loose connection causes fuzzy picture)
4. In the TV ‘menu’ check the TV’s ‘mode’ (i.e. tv, video 1, auxiliary)

Collapsible Cable TV Channels

View Cable TV Channels


Wifi is a convenient technology for staying connected. It’s speed is subject to traffic on the internet, shared bandwidth, weather, strength of connecting device (computers are stronger than phones/tablets), Distance to source (200′ for small devises without any interference), RV walls/wiring, line of sight and other factors. Remember that wifi is an “Indoor” application being used “Outdoors”. It is not designed for streaming (Video & Games). You may be kicked off for streaming! If you need enough bandwidth for a business application then consult your “Commercial Data Provider”.

Troubleshooting Tips: Confirm password, move closer to Wifi source, find direct line of site to source, restart equipment.

Terms of service: Guests are liable for what they do. Pirating movies, music, and other illegal activity will be reported to the FCC.


If your breaker trips, before you call for a service call check and see how many amps you are pulling. See the Chart here and add up Amperage being used. NEC (National Electrical Code) allows for 80% usage of the breaker maximum for continuous use (over 3 minutes). A loose ground in any RV appliance can cause “Hot Skin” (shocking touch to the outside of the RV). Call if you need any assistance. In a long term Power outage by Chelco come to the office if you have medical needs for electricity.

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