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Employment Opportunities

Twin Lakes Camp Resort 580 Holley King Road, DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433

Thank you for your interest in Workamping with us. We are glad that you are part of the full-timing community and appreciate the freedoms and lifestyle of living and working in an overlapping environment. As you are aware we are a service oriented business in a friendly RVer community. Your behavior on and off the clock can be a reflection of the park and therefore we require that you uphold certain standards by joining us. Simply put we use the acronym C.A.M.P. for a simple reminder to help you stay focused and not blur the line between camping and working on the Park’s premises. Campers Are My Priority.

Twin Lakes Camp Resort expects you to conduct yourself with the utmost integrity and honesty, knowing that you are representing Twin Lakes Camp Resort at all times. During work and during off hours guests will see you the same, as a representative of the park. Your attitude shall be that of friendliness, teamwork and cooperation at all times. You are to be productive while on the clock and work your scheduled hours. Twin Lakes Camp Resort Policies Manual is to be followed at all times in order to exemplify the highest level of customer service.

Skills needed:

-Good customer service skills
-Good communication skills
-Computer skills (Should possess moderate skill – beginners will not be sufficient, but expert is not needed)
-Adaptability (No day here is the same)
-The ability to think on your toes is always a plus
-Frequent contact with guest requiring courtesy, discretion and sound judgment

Our Job Descriptions include multitasking and cross training. These duties may include but are not limited to: Reservations, Housekeeping, Activities, Landscaping, and Maintenance.


-Answering the phone
-Assisting guests with making reservations
-Checking in guests
-Other requests during their stay.
-Provide guests and visitors with information concerning rates, availability, description of facilities and services.
-Selling merchandise from the store

Following procedures in the Reservation Manual. Treating all requests with courtesy to satisfy reservation needs, with a positive promotion of Twin Lakes Camp Resort, is required.

Always direct the guest to the The Slack Line, our guest guide, for their needs during their stay.


-Cleaning guests bathrooms
-Make sure all paper products and soaps are stocked for guest use
-Laundry facility cleaned
-Activity Center cleaned
-Cabin Suites and Glamping Tents “Turn overs” upon departure of guests
-Clean and Straighten A’Lure Boutique and Resort Store and Back Office
-Reporting any maintenance issues to management
-Keep all Cabin Suites and Glamping Tents laundry ready for Arrivals
-Trash removal


-Conduct and or assist with any activities that are planned for park during peak times
-Clean up after activities


-Assist with lawn maintenance (Manual provided)
-Make sure park grounds are clean, trash picked up, sites are ready for daily arrivals
-Alert management of any maintenance needs


-Assist with upkeep of all buildings, rental units, boats, kayak and rental units
-Make sure all facilities lights, equipment, etc. are in working order
-Alert management of any issues
-Assist with upkeep of pool, as trained (chemicals, cleanliness and equipment)

Physical Conditions

Must be able to push/pull/lift up to 25 pounds. Job frequently requires use of arms, hands and fingers. Requires walking, sitting, crouching, kneeling and standing.

If you are interested in applying for employment with Twin Lakes Camp Resort, please take a look at:
Employee Benefits/Compensation

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Pre-Employment Questionnaire
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