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Workamping Benefits and Compensation

The salary scale for this is as follows:
Full time: site plus salary
Part-time: site plus a salary based upon hours worked over required site hours
Details available after completion of Pre-Employment Questionnaire

These pay rates are subject to Federal Payroll Taxes. All pay is made by direct deposit to the bank of your choosing.
Raises are at the complete discretion of management and can be accelerated or delayed.

In exchange for 12 site hours:

Concrete landscaped site!
Golf cart use!
Laundry coins free!
Salaried position shift
High speed internet access
50 amp FHU
50% family camping discounts for some dates
Store discounts!
Same days off! (for couples)
Good cable TV programming
Free use of Amenities
7 days of credited campsite pay/6 months

Additional hours as requested by management will be compensated for at an hourly rate based on the salary level. Florida is an employment-at-will state.

New employees are subject to 90 days trial period.

If you would like to apply for a position, then fill out:
Pre-Employment Questionnaire
(**If you are a couple, each applicant needs to fill out this form**).

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