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COVID-19 Update

Updated 3/19/2020

We had another weekly call today with the Florida Department of Health, Visit Florida and other entities regarding information about the Covid-19.

The statistics are available on the DOH website which is a good tool for information; http://www.floridahealth.gov.

The Florida Department of Health recommends:

• To be extra cautious.
• To wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitizer.
• Social distance yourself.
• If you are a cougher use a mask.
• If you feel bad then isolate.
• If you feel like you need to be tested please see a local doctor. If they give you a note, you can go the the local Health Department office and they will test you.

Sacred Heart Hospital locally has a testing facility set up in a tent outside that you can drive to for testing. They have expressed that they are concerned for elderly with compromised immune systems, particularly if you have a respiratory issue AND are over 65+ (high risk).

Many of our guests have had questions and have expressed concern. We are not changing our operations or cancellation policy at this time. If you fit into the high risk category then we are willing to discuss an appropriate time for you to visit later.

The park will exercise caution by Suspending activities with large gatherings this week and take this decision week by week.

We are in daily contact with the Department of Health regarding the swimming pool also. The pool will remain open. Our pool is closely monitored to assure that the chlorine level always offers free available chlorine for ANY pathogen introduced. Please practice distancing and observe the people limit.

We are doing extra cleanings with bleach and wipes. Please be assured that we are doing all we can to remain open and provide everyone with an opportunity to get outside, enjoy the sun, fresh air which are natures way of healing many things.

We believe that RVing is a great way to social distance and still enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones. If you are arriving and wish to not check in by coming into the office, simply call us to make arrangements upon your arrival and we will accommodate you.

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